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To join as a member, please click here to email us, or contact Lucy Selway - 07984 612174
Email the club here: info@oasiscarnival.co.uk
Email Social Secretary:Catherine Grierson -01373 454019 - 07889 969079

Club list:

President : Dick Goodenough
Life Member Dick Evans

Vice Presidents: Mike Williams,Pamela Parker,Dave Knox,Gwen Knox
Chairman: Gordon Grierson 01373 454019 07738122425
Vice Chairman: Pam Parker 01373 302946 07753407145
Secretary: Lucy Selway 07948612174
:Kelvin Coles 01380 730780 07852718233
Social Secretary: Catherrine Grieson 01373 454019 07889969079
Road Captain - Ashley Selway 07751214056

Gwen Knox
Tony Bennet
Michelle Pimm
Mike Rees
Dick Evans
Brian Heal
Kelvin Coles
Tony Maries
Jan Welsbey
Pete Haines
Marion Haines
Charloote Pimm
Ben Pimm
Tom Herbert
Lucy Selway
Ashley Selway
Richard Painter
Trevor Knight
Dick Goodenough
Pam Parker
Mike Williams
Adam Pimm
Brian Heal
Gordon Grierson
Kat Grierson
Theo Selway