About The Club

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We are a Carnival Club that builds a entry to take part in carnivals in Somerset and some surrounding counties. It consist of a large illuminated entry depictning the chosen theme of the year,

To achieve this we require members with a vast range of skills and abilties from carpentry to administration most is learnt whilst a member of the club, to this aim we welcome anyone who has the disire to learn and work with us.

One aspect of the club is that it gives the opotunity to learn or pas on skills to some of which are not apparrent at first sight, ie vehicle maintenace, administration, leagal aspect (insurance,police and tarffic laws) painting, dress making, design and many more to numerous to list here

The benifts the club gives back to the community are great in that it gives young and old to meet and understand each others ouitlook also the chance to learn new skills which can be transferred to work home and social life

Modern times are making life more intense for carnival Clubs like ourselves and the need for new members is more intense as is the need to raise fund to keep the club running, laws have changed dramtically in the last 2 or 3 decdaes and has increased  running cost 10 to 15 fold so to this end we need to incres our membership and funding for us to survive